November’s Very Own.

Before I begin the few posts remaining in this collection of thoughts, I want to thank those that have helped participate in this process over the years. I’ve had an on/off/on/off-again relationship with BBN. It’s been something that I’ve left, and returned to many times over the past seven years, and with that I have only my friends and colleagues who have pushed me through many times.

I’ve come back to this place to end back at square one where I started back in 2008, to be honest. I was a fresh out of high school graduate who started writing my thoughts about politics and such, and the basis of Big Box News was something based in my original blog – “Dime Store Rebellion.” (I called it DSR, I’ve got a thing for three letter acronyms, apparently) but that was a long time ago. The final article from that old rag was called “Big Vox News,” and to be certain it was a satire on Fox News. Something I’ve maintained over the years, and proudly so. But much to the point, I’ve come full circle with politics and political writing. It started with me supporting President Obama, and denouncing the conservatives time and time again, and now here at the finish – I’m back doing the same old thing.

Much of my writing this final “season” will center around the last stretch of the general election, current events and as always – I’ll be here with the same smug satisfaction of being left. I will be writing on gun safety laws, homeland security, the last days of President Obama’s administration, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and of course – Donald Drumpf.

So we begin on my seventh anniversary, and we’ll come to a close December 31st, 2016.

But again, those that have read my articles, and those that know me best here – I want to thank you. Your words have inspired me, your love has embraced me, and your convictions have only lead me to wanting do this right, even if it’s just for one final farewell ride.

-B|B|N. 10-17.



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