I don’t want to hear about the “bad blood,” anymore.

Racism, sexism, women’s rights, men’s rights, economic barriers, student loan debt, never ending proxy wars, joblessness, homelessness, veteran’s affairs, healthcare, NSA spying, wiretapping, torture, civil unrest. What do these things have in common? They’re problems. They’re not just problems for the public, or massive worries for the individual, they’re party problems. They’re problems because not only are they not getting fixed – they’re keeping us bogged down and socially attentive to small problems that we forget to focus on the biggest problems.

Racism is a problem, it always has been and it will continue to be. Why? Because we’re human, and if you think that that’s not a good enough answer? I’m sorry. This is a problem that can be put on the backburner. Sexism? Same thing. Overall is it bad? Of course. Can we fix it? Surely. Does it lurk about in the worst possible way, looming over all of our nation and our future? Hell no. Women and Men’s rights don’t exist individually. They’re Human rights. Stop treating them as specific problems for each sex and work together on overcoming them and guess what? I won’t have to read stupid memes from Facebook pages bitching about them. It works for you – and it’ll certainly work for me. But what, again, is the issue I have? The problem with modernity is that so much widespread problematic issues overtake us, and we stop on each pebble and argue over that stone on the path instead of looking at the entire road.

It’s true. You know it is, and even if you disagree with me on most issues – you can’t deny I’m right on this. We have bigger fish to fry, so to speak, and those minnows that you’re arguing over and wasting your energy on can wait. Trust me. I’m a student of history. You want justice now? It’ll have to wait.

We, as American citizens, have to look at the big picture and focus on one task at a time. Stone by stone, the road will be made but we can’t lay the path if the forest is standing in the way. The biggest issue right now? A sixteen trillion dollar deficit looming over a possible worldwide economic breakdown. Now, if you think that women’s rights is a bigger problem then please, allow me to explain myself for a moment and then you can shun me.

If we suffer a complete economic meltdown here’s a picture of what happens: Your money will become worthless, dollar for dollar it’ll devolve back into it’s ingredients; cotton and paper. Your food will become more scarce, and trust me when I say that, because as modern Americans – we’ve never known hunger, not real hunger anyhow. Social programs, and safety nets will fall through completely. You may not like police officers driving behind you, but you’d certainly miss having the protection of them should all Hell break loose. Manufacturing will dry up, jobs will become nonexistent and you’ll be left bereft, hungry, scared and since all communication systems will fail, you’ll be alone with no Tumblr to turn to. Your homes will be raided, your families could and probably can be taken for whatever profit they’ll provide, transportation will become nullified as roads will be blocked by vacant vehicles, and without any fuel to supply vehicles, good luck driving away to a better place. Medical facilities will become rampant with disease and death, plagues will be fueled and with no doctors or specialists to research cures, you’ll be left alone to your own devices. Good luck, social activist #123298028. Your polisci class will certainly help you when you’ve got a case of the superflu. Water systems will either dry up or will become diseased and corroded. Life as you know it will end. No hospitals, no communications, no money, no protection, no infrastructure. iPhones will not save you. Your iPad will not be able to connect you. Twitter will not be able to hash it out and you’ll have nothing but your own self. If we fall, everyone falls. Remember that.

After a few years of the starvation, with no hope in sight you’ll consider suicide, but before you do remember this: Should all systems, here, fail, one of two major things could happen. The government could collapse and that would probably lead to a Military Coup, martial law, and an oligarchy of military prowess. Have fun with (our shared) liberal values. I’m sure the Dictator would love to go halfsies on a coffee with you while you debate the finer issues of mass hysteria. Or, worse could happen in a complete takeover by a foreign power. That would be just the bee’s knees. Wouldn’t it? A nation of former conquerors claimed by a new outside force? Delightful. Surely. But there is a third option, life would falter, all systems go down and rampant Warlords give claim to a modern feudal system providing, of course, that you even live to survive to this moment.

So, may I ask you something? Of course I can, you’re reading my post, after all, what future do you want? One where those aforementioned issues are taken care of, albeit slower than you want, or the three horsemen after us? Your choice, everyone. We have bigger fish to fry than abortion, your civil rights are needed, noted and deserved, trust me. I feel the same way, but we have a task – that is to figure out how to fix our economic apocalypse before it happens. If we lose, we lose everyone and everything we’ve worked all these centuries for. I have my own issues, but I know we as a nation and as a people have to work towards the biggest picture, then the stones will fall into place and all will be well. You can’t expect old white guys to fix every single issue as you spit them out, can you? So don’t force them to try. Put aside our petty malarkey for awhile and work together. Hell, maybe that alone will fix most of the issues we have. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll be saved from the SuperFlu. Sorry it’s been a few weeks, readers. BBN is here to stay, I promise. 

Also, Congratulations to the United States Men’s National Team on that incredible victory, last night, over Ghana! #IBelieve 


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