Two days before Memorial Day another school shooting. Two days before we remember the glorious dead who’ve sacrificed every thing we are shocked, again, as a nation by the horrible acts that occurred yesterday in Southern California. Or, are we shocked? The occurrence of school shootings increasing as the days roll on and somehow we’ve lost track of what’s important through the visceral carnage and death; that there is life lost and all could have been avoidable. 

   It’s not a shocking thing to say that we’ve almost given up caring about shootings anymore. Yes we sound appalled, then we say things that we say every time and in two months we forget their names. We forget the faces of those who were murdered, slaughtered and then we forget the name and face of the one responsible. After awhile, we as a society just forget about the whole thing until another mass shooting occurs. Rinse and repeat, rise and shine and move on. Why do we do this to ourselves? How long can we sustain this notion that guns are okay as long as everyone has access to them? How long can we lie to ourselves like this? It can’t be for too much longer.

   Since the Virginia Tech shooting, one hundred and seventy-four people have lost their lives to random shootings in this country, including the Sandy Hook massacre, the Aurora Colorado Theater shooting, Tuscon and Gabriel Giffords blasting. Here, let me repeat this for you:

 One Hundred and Seventy-Four people have died from random mass shootings since the Virginia Tech Massacre. 174. 

  Now, if we take everything since Columbine? It’s 348. This is where you work, this is where you learn, these are places where your kids place, where your husbands and wives teach. How much longer are we, as Americans, going to allow ourselves to be blind to the facts? That mentally unstable folks are getting weapons by the boatload, arming up and killing us? What will it take? 500 people dead? 1,000? How many more bodies until people as a whole are outraged enough to say that enough is enough? 

   This Memorial Day I want all of you to think about that, even if it’s only for a moment. While you’re eating burgers, drinking beer and on the lake I would like you to consider this idea for just a moment. Yes, consider and think about those that have lost their lives in service for the country, but consider those that have lost their lives in random acts of violence. Thank you, and have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. 

174 since April 16th, 2007.



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