X-Men: Days of Future Past, or as I like to call it; “UP YOURS, AVENGERS.”


“Look, Cyclops, it’s Marvel’s Avengers! Should we say hi, or just not even acknowledge each other due to distributing rights?”

ImageSince I was a small, three year old child I have long Marveled [pun intended] at the X-Men. They were my Saturday morning funtime, my toys entertainment and my first intro into the world of super-heroes and comics. Am I biased when I say that the X-Men is my favorite part of Marvel? Absolutely. Am I biased when I say that Jennifer Lawrence is the shit: Hands Down? Of course. Finally, am I biased in admitting that Hugh Jackman is the one man in Hollywood that both terrifies and makes me feel the most comfortable because he’s such a cool dude? Fine, yes. Most obviously, I love the X-Men. Yes, Spidey’s cool and all that, Batman totally rules (especially since he’s the only DC character I will ever, ever care about) and yeah – the Avengers are all cool I suppose. But nothing comes between me and my love of the X-Men. Now, on the review, shall we?


Spoilers fall after Magneto. You’ve been warned so don’t get pissy if you spoil your dindin.

Days of Future Past here on out will just be called either “Days,” or the movie I’m talking about, just so we’re clear here because this is complicatedly uncomplicated. Cool. Also, I’ve already placed Magneto to warn of spoilers so, again, here be spoilers. You’ve been warned twice now.

ImageFirst off, let me just say that Evan Peters stole the show. Hands down, Quicksilver dashed away any hopes that the Flash is better in any way, shape or form. Now, Peters’ performance was excellent. Comical and witty, the petty-thief was fun to watch. I also enjoyed the nice little nod to him being Magneto’s son. Oh – you didn’t know? Yeah. I said there were spoilers.

The plot of Days was actually fairly simple, which being Hollywood I understand. Hugh Jackman’s character, Wolverine is sent back in time to stop Mystique from killing Tyrion Lannis – I mean, Bolivar Trask. Due to her vengeance on Dinklage’s character, damn near the entire species of Mutants go extinct from the onslaught of the Sentinels (machines made to adapt to each mutant’s powers, killing them by exploiting individual weaknesses). What I liked most about the future aspect of Days was the premise that everyone had something to do. There were no characters just aimlessly standing around, waiting for the Big Bad to show up. Kitty was sending Jimmy back in time (mentally), Colossus,Sunspot, Blink, Storm and Bobby all are patiently awaiting the murderfest that’s about to ensue from the Sentinels. So, they are kind of standing around but at least they’re just hanging around for a reason: waiting to die. Which is fine by me, Also something good: Anna Paquin’s reduced to a measly cameo and that is excellence because she is just awful in every way. Anyway, Wolverine is sent back in time, and super-hero high-jinks run amok throughout Washington D.C., Paris, Vietnam and New York. Neat. However, this could not all be possible without the return of the fantastic Bryan Singer. Good job, Bryan. Stick with X-Men, Super-Man sucks anywayImage


The acting was superb, as always, with Mcavoy and Fassbender reprising their roles alongside Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen respectively, were all fantastic. (Again, I’m biased because Magneto is my favorite Marvel character) All of the characters were phenomenal with one small exception; Bolivar Trask. I know it was the writing and not Peter Dinklage’s fault that his character’s villainy felt so minuscule in comparison to Sebastian Shaw in First Class. Trask felt somewhat empty, just a random scared scientist hellbent on wiping out an entire species for global peace. Dinklage did well in his portrayal and is actually the only complaint about the film I have sans the “Uhh, I thought Phoenix killed the Professor in Last Stand. How the hell is he…” but then I remember it’s a super-hero movie, so I shut the fuck up with my logic and just go with it because it’s awesome. Lawrence did a fantastic job as Mystique but as well established as she is – I expect nothing less.

With the already mentioned plot-hole, I found nothing else wanting in the film except that I just was left wanting more, and that is never Imagea bad thing. It means the film was grand, which brings me to my final point:

ImageThis could very well have been the greatest Super-Hero Movie ever made and I mean that. Did it blow the lid off of the series? Definitely. When I say this I hope someone wants to skewer me, X-Men: Days of Future Past is a better film overall, in every way shape and form than Marvel’s The Avengers. I’m just being frank here. Does it carry the emotional hoopla of the Dark Knight series? No. Was it more entertaining? Definitely. Does it kick Spidey’s websack in? Yes, yes it does and honestly can’t wait for Apocalypse due out May 27th, 2016. Also, stay after the credits for some Four Horsemen awesomeness.

I give X-Men: Days of Future Past an 9.3/10. More witty than the Avengers, smarter than the Amazing Spider-Man films, and just plain better in every way than any previous X-Men film. Go see it.




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