Hogs, Dawgs, Roll Tide and Corndogs.


I love the SEC, and yes – It’s better than the NFL. Now, before you go all ballistic on me you should know that I was raised in the South, and in Arkansas where there is no professional team at all, the Hogs are what we have. My family all grew up in an era where Arkansas had made the switch from the South West Conference to the SEC. Me? I was only two when we joined the SEC, and at the time I didn’t even live in Arkansas. So when we moved to the Ozarks, I was quite young and wouldn’t you know it? I’ve only ever known is the SEC, and it shows.

I love the South Eastern Conference, hell, I love it more than most of my family. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Whether Arkansas is on a hot streak with back-to-back ten win seasons or Bert Bielema’s foot-in-mouth antics, it’s always a great day in the SEC.

Think about it, would you rather be in a humdrum conference with the only personality being Bo Pelini? The man who’s faux-twitter personality is actually more famous than he himself, or would you rather be in a conference that houses such personalities as Bert Bielema, the Old Ball Coach Spurrier, Les Miles and Nick Saban? C’mon. You know the answer here. Image

Every season we in the SEC get to anticipate each and every move within our conference, and football is our bread-and-butter, sacrament and purpose. Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and South Carolina have no professional football teams and have a love for their college teams that you would have to think that it’s as important as the meat and potatoes on the table. And you wouldn’t be wrong if you thought it was. There is no off-season in the SEC. There is Signing Season, Spring football, Media Days, Football, Bowl Season and repeat. There’s no downtime, and we would not have it any other way. Each child in the states of Alabama and Arkansas know their respective rivalries by heart. Arkansas proudly remembers the Miracles on Markham I & II, Alabama and Auburn – who’s hate for each other is as strong as the Palestinians and Israelis, knows each every moment from the Iron Bowl. Ole Miss and Mississippi State may not have the most prominent, national title implication rivalry but if you tell them that Egg Bowl isn’t important they’ll only stop beating up on each other for the moment to both beat the ever living out of you.

The rivalries are fierce, the schedule is a gauntlet, the victories great and the losses miserable. The love for these college teams is stronger than any bond you’ll find in the NFL. I’m a Seahawks and Patriots fan, and I can honestly say that the Twelfth Man doesn’t even compare in strength and bond to the Crimson Tide fanbase, or Hog Country, or Dawg Nation. The lone SEC football love is lacking at the University of Kentucky but damn it all if they don’t rule the world of college basketball. Every single team in the SEC dominates in some athletic category. Arkansas sweeps the world of track and field, South Carolina owns the world series of college baseball, Alabama is the King of College Football, and as is every team in our conference.

ImageRespecting the SEC is all I know. Loving the SEC is all I can do, and representing my team through every incredible win and horrible loss every Saturday down South is what I love doing, and if you live in SEC country then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Football is King here, the Battle for the Boot was* our Black Friday excitement, the Iron Bowl being the hardest fought game in the sport, the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry has an amazing history that rivals the Packers-Bears rivalry. I dare you to say that these proud states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas aren’t the best damn states for a football fan to live in. I double Dawg dare you.Image

Who wouldn’t be proud? Seven straight national championships in football, amazing moments, the greatest universities, the most amazing fans make Saturdays down South the best place to be. From Roll Tide to War Eagle, Go Hogs to Geaux Tigers, Dawgs and Cocks, Gators and Vols, Rebs and Bulldogs, Commodores and Aggies; every war cry is bred into us. And trust me when I say this:

We are the SEC, and we are better than you. 


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