Les Enfants Terrible: Or why I hate the Willow Smith generation.

Whipping your hair back and forth might be fun kids, but when a photo opportunity for a thirteen year old to pose in bed with a half-naked man arises you should clearly know what to do here. 


Funfact: This is the direct opposite of the right answer.

    I mean, really, first off-hat’s off to Mr.&Mrs. Smith here for being so belligerently stupid that you would even consider allowing your 13/14 year-old daughter to pose in such a photo. You guys are class acts, really. But to the daughter, Willow, this all could be due to bad parenting but don’t you ever consider the allocation of blame? You see, even by asking or choosing to be in a photo like this, publicly at such an age, you’re opening doors to Child Protective Services and other scrutiny for your family. So, no Gay Marriage isn’t destroying the “sanctity” of marriage and corps family values-it’s the drudging society that has placed the values into children turning into sex objects. That’s the problem here, and yes Miley Cyrus certainly has done her fill of stupid shit to influence kids to do similar stupid shit that makes the up-and-coming generation of kids behind us Millennials into a huge stupid pile of shit. Shit on shit on shit. That’s what’s being done here. 

   So yeah, it’s of course due to bad parenting but isn’t it also on the role models of Miley Cyrus, Justin(e?) Bieber, etc. to give a little bit better of a figure to look forward to? Of course. But again, this goes back to bad parenting. Now, I’m not questioning the Fresh Prince’s parenting style or skills totally, I mean, c’mon. He raised Carlton and Ashley pretty well, but with his ungrateful son and…daughter doing stuff like this-you have to ask what the literal hell is going on in their world to bring out such stupid mounds of crap. Maybe because I’m twenty-four and a kid of Baby Boomers-but honest to God, if I had acted in a way these kids did-I would have actually gotten my ass beaten. [Not that my parents never whipped me, they did once – once] And it’s also not on my parents that I turned out to be a foul-mouthed heathen, that’s on me. 

   But these SWAGGED-OUT LOLIGAGGER generation is going to be a terror and a menace, everyone. I know the same has been said of us, what with our selfies, hashtags and having friends of a different color, faith and sexual orientation than us. But no. Just fuck no. Mac said it best on It’s Always Sunny – “The kids aren’t bopping anymore. They’re banging each other and doing meth before they hit grade school.”

Whoa-wait a second, maybe I spoke too soon on that whole “It’s not on Will Smith” thing…


No this wasn’t taken at your local Journeys, this is Will circa the ENTIRE 90s.


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