Your best friend: Technology.

In today’s age of the NSA, Hyper Web Surveillance, hacking and everything else it’s easy to forget that your best friend in this world in guarding your liberty and rights is technology. That’s right, the very thing that the proverbial they want to use against you is your biggest ally.

Don’t believe me? Think about this: When pulled over or stopped by an officer, you’re being asked questions-questions you don’t have to answer. The officer acts against your legal rights and over steps his bounds and lashes out. How can you defend yourself? Film him, record him. You legally have right to record any tax paid official which includes Mr. Sunglasses All the Time. Trust me, even in states where you are required to have one member of a conversation’s permission to record (hey, guess what…You’re a member of said conversations, you don’t need your own permission do you?) you are legally entitled to record any and everything so long as you are not obstructing justice. This action keeps police and other officials accountable and keeps everyone honest. How can you do this?



“I’m sorry, Officer. But I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.”


Have a pocket rectangle that happens to have an 8MP backfacing camera that connects to a wireless internet connection via towers? Smart phones. Yes. iPhone and Androids are your best friend. If you’re ever in such a situation where you feel like you have to record the situation-don’t let an officer misrepresent the constitution.

The Right of the Press applies to everyone, not just press members and it’s your right to exercise so use it-regularly. If you don’t then you might as well give it up in the name of security.


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