“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Steve Jobs once said that older men ask “What is it,” while a boy asks “What can I do with it?” That sentiment means so much to me, and not just because Mr. Jobs was such a source of inspiration for my life but because that question puts a smile on my face. It’s idea rings to the chime of the advancement of technology for the betterment of all of us. Now, I’m aware of the greygoo scenario, and I’m not advocating the NSA turning into Skynet or anything, but I am saying that Steve was on to something. He was on to an idea that we all chase that is fundamentally human. 

“What can I do with it?”

What a novel question, a simple idea that has since spawned an immense amount of innovation and technology that leads-no, pushes humanity further. Steve believed that the device should be an extension of the person itself. The iPod, iPhone and iPad all corresponded to this idea and while yes the competition has made advancements, Mr. Jobs’ incredible ingenuity gave us all the idea for advancement. Pushing technology closer to the people, giving us an opportunity to become better. These devices he gave us helped medical fields, the internet, learning and experiences gave to more cravings and I’m advocating a great hunger. A good hunger. We shouldn’t end world hunger, at least, not in this sense. Humanity should always stay hungry for betterment, for a way to bring out new ideas and put them out there no matter how foolish we may seem, humanity needs it. If we had settled into a post 1950s America, we wouldn’t be where we are today and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here, and who has had it better than us? No one. 

That’s the beauty of our generation, that innovation and genius can lead us out of this debacle of an economy, and that through technology we can preserve what we have and us it to better us in a fundamental way that is both beneficial and solidifying for all of us. Stay hungry, stay foolish.


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