If you want justice…You’ve come to the wrong place.

Until we are all equal-there can be no true freedom. This fact was given to us by the decision of Brown Vs. the Board of Education (I&II), and it rings true today that whether or not they are separate; equality is equality and freedom is freedom. Half caring anecdotes of people who’ve had their rights striped away will not suffice here, no. 

Enter Arkansas, May 2014. 

   My homestate has recently decided to do some justice by making marriage equality a realization. Judge Piazza decided to hang the ban on Gay Marriage and as such, over 400 couples were done right by being allowed to marry. However, there are always enemies to every hero. Our enemy here is Arkansas Senator and pompous gas bag, Minister Jason Rapert. 

   He has called upon the Arkansas Supreme court to take this flicker of hope to these people and effectively wash it away with his nonsensical attitude of religion meets khakis. This egregious prick knocked down what was arguably the first and last defense in a decade for those people in the state. The Koch Brothers’ cheerleader has effectively ruined every opportunity to correctly represent his people, and that’s why I’m here today. Though, I’ve moved recently from my homestate, Arkansas is still of great pride to me. It’s with a heavy heart that I am writing for the couples affected by the sudden changes in both good and bad ways, regrettably there is nothing I can do but speak out against what’s been done and hopefully have my voice heard. 


Pictured here: A fatuous assbag with no real morals. No humanity, and as much humility as a Priest in the 1400s.

    To the constituents of Conway-I urge you to vote against this son of a bitch. Ruin him. Forgo any establishment that he frequents, do not attend his sermons, and treat him as a leper. He deserves even more vengeance but if you want justice, Mr. Rapert, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is politics. The litigation of vengeance is served coldly here, and you’ll find that bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, constituents and voters tend to frown upon those who would deny others liberty, especially when such a denial is so anti-American. 

One last thing, Senator Rapert. Good luck on your next primaries. You’re going to need it. 

Glad to be back, BBN.


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