Join, or Die.

Seeing, as often as I do, the cracks in the Right-wing base I feel the need to speak out against the ideas of conservatism in terms of socialability and the subjegation of people’s righst. You probably have a clue that in terms of social-issues I’m rather left wing by comparison to many of my colleagues and friends. While I wholey endorse ideas that promise to protect people’s rights, especially those of choice, reason, logic, beliefs and expression, I see no alternative than to be liberal in terms of these choices and those of persons. As far as right-wing thought patterns are concerned I can see why one would believe they way they do, people like control and hate change (especially that of social change that really creates eyesores, I understand the plea-trust me) but I can’t agree on their views. I’m for gay-marriage, I’m pro-neutral on abortion (to each their own, as always), artistic expression should always be allowed as should the constituional rights of the people to express themselves in all manners. My friends, we can’t afford to belittle ourselves in the hopes of facing 21st century problems with backwards thinking. Mankind ill needs to literally look backwards in thinking and hope that old solutions work on new generations. The moment we start doing that we come undone in progressivism, which is the simple basis of the American experiment. Candidates like Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain would like to continue stranding the middle class while supporting the top one-percenters, they would like to please the masses of idiots who are afraid to face society with an open hand rather than the rod they proudly project. For those who think we’re free-we’re getting there. 235 years into the American experiment we haven’t really reached the peak of freedom because for years churches, and social dictorates have suppressed the majority with distractions of non-issues. 235 years of knocking at the door, we’re getting tired of those who keep Lady Liberty from answering that door. We have to be free, we have to break the bonds of distraction and join together to conclude this ridiculous dance around who and what we are as a people. “Live free or die trying”, our forefathers fought for this idea. They bled for the idea. 235 years we have been trying to find ourselves and now, in the depts of time, we have the opportune moment to strike at the heart of tyrants. Vote, speak out, think, and decide where you lay on the scale.

“Join, or die.”


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