Brother to Africa: An interview with Dr. T-Rex.

Dr. T-Rex blessing the rains in Africa.

I’ve been meaning to post an interview for some time and when I finally got a chance for some quick words with Reverend Grand M.C. Dr. T-Rex, of Dr. T-Rex’s Bullshit Cannon, I couldn’t resist. I waited for him at the local park, when he arrived he was preceded by a train of oxen pulling a Grand Marquis fronted by a trail of Saharan tribal drummers with OGR:T announcing the Reverend’s arrival. He stepped out of the purple vehicle onto a carpet with emblazoned with a Mountain Dew logo. After the initial shock of the pomp and circumstance, I finally got a chance to see his holiness with mine eyes. He was wearing a leopard as a jacket, garnished with an anaconda bow-tie. His shoes had rhino-horns adorning his toes and his hair can only be described as a spiky-afronova. Life is different for the Doctor, very different.

After our picture session we started our discussions over politics, religion and his favorite subject: Star Wars. When push finally came to shove we got into the deeper questions-

“So, Reverend M.C., there’s a lot of talk that you’re planning on running for President of Zimbabwe, is there any truth to this?”

His voice was quiet, almost like the Bell Man from I Heart Huckabees.

“The only truth that there could be to this is that I am already in the running for the Presidency of sixteen nations. My brothers and sisters in Key West have already nominated me for King Poot Toot of Big Pine. I am most humbled by their assumptions of my prowess as a President.”

“That’s very kind of you, Mr. T-Rex. Isn’t it also true that you fought with the great Jesse Jackson for civil rights in Norway during the 1990s?”

“The only truth that there could be to this is that your perception of Norway is mistaken, it was in Norwegia-my friend.”

Among the Reverend’s accomplishments are starting the world’s first real-life Quidditch team in the Congo, helping the Serbs defeat their greatest enemy-the Atlantians, and winning the Mayorship of Cairo at the age of thirteen. He’s certainly helped improve the conditions of water, and food in Africa as of late and God bless his support of his people. His charity, Pimp Yo Stomach has helped several African schools get bread and bologny thanks to the efforts of the Reverend and Ludacris. There’s also heavy rumor that he’s running for United States Supreme Court Justice position, but we all know what he’d say to that. Sadly, this conversation was far too extensive for to fully embellish here at BBN. Read more about it next week on for more about Reverend M.C. Dr. T-Rex, brother of Africa.


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