Out of the blue, and in to the black.

Wednesday, January 12th 2010-

Tucson, Arizona tragedy ceremony.

The President stepped up and began his speech by shaking hands with the Dean of the University of Arizona (Tucson). Amongst the cheers, the president spoke first by recognizing those in the crowd.

“I have come here tonight as an American”

It began as both a somber speech and yet had a glimmer of hope from within the bowels of grief. Acknowledging that we can “pull through.”  Obama spoke of Rep. Giffords by recognizing the timeless freedoms of free-speech and assembly, carrying the quote of Rep. Giffords by recalling it as “congress on the corner.” As the speech rolled on by calling upon those we lost, and who were injured. Well spoken, thoughtful and a beautiful speech throughout. Recognizing the heroism and framed darkness that those unfortunate few endured this past weekend.

As I sit in my parent’s living room, watching it on our television I can idly remember the sorrowful speeches in my lifetime. The speech that was given by former President Clinton in the wake of Timothy McVeigh’s explosion in Oklahoma, the State of the Union given by Mr. President Bush in 2001 and now I will be imprinted with the moment of Obama’s speech just four days after the desert city’s tragedy.

This speech will stay with those of us who observed it for the rest of our lives-this is not only monumental in terms of a spiritual uplifting but also with the state of our country’s morale. Thank you-Mr. Obama.


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