Arrows in the dark

“We need to tone down the rhetoric.”-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Why should we be the ones to “tone” it down? We weren’t the ones putting crosshairs over Representatives and Senators, we weren’t the ones asking the people to “reload,”* and “aim.”* It was not a liberal who acted like they took aim on national television. It certainly was no liberal who shot a nine year old girl. The Grand Ole’ Party would have you believe that they’re the good, moral standard of this United States of America. They will twist your mind to think they’re the Christians, who believe in good business, fairness and ethics.

I see none of which remaining in their party.

The man who fired the shots injuring and killing on Saturday in Tucson was fired up by the Tea Party’s rhetoric, he would have had to have bathed in the words of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. These people have committed murder, in the first degree, and they will continue to speak. They will tell you how sorry they are for those who were injured and lost on Saturday, January 8th 2011. Sarah Palin is fully to blame for this, at least, in terms of backing the ideas that the shooter embodied. They continue their rhetoric, in after a few weeks, when the dust has cleared and the mounds of Earth are far over a child’s grave-they will continue the dismantling of our Republic.

I’ve purposefully not spoken on the shooting incident for respect of those who were lost, however I feel that there should at least be a more thorough backfire (so to speak) over who’s really at fault here. Hint: It’s not just the one with the Glock, it’s the one with the Hunting rifle from Alaska. To those who were lost this past weekend, requiescat in pace, and for those in recovery- godspeed, and come back to us soon miss Giffords, we need you more now than ever.

Look familiar?


*Sarah Palin said the words at several rallies “Reload,” “Take aim,” and “open season” in referendum to liberal congressional members.
*John Boehner made the “shotgun” motion on the House floor in mid September.

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