Bullshit: US Orders Twitter to hand over info for Wikileaks.

Court ordered subpoena issued on December 14th, forcing Twitter to hand over the I.P. addresses, and other information, over many people connected to Wikileaks.

Fuck that, and fuck whoever issued that. I’ve got a great idea-let’s issue a warrant for the arrest of every bank head from 2008 who received a bailout. Wikileaks did nothing against the law, yet we allow CEO’s and politicians to fundamentally steal our money and ruin our economy. I don’t hear anything from the government asking for our money back. Oh, here’s another idea! For every Senator and House member that voted against the “OBAMACARE,” they should be forced to have zero health coverage. I think it’s high-time we remind the government of what it’s like to be a citizen again. Better yet, why don’t we also force the government to be transparent? I know you’re probably thinking it’s impossible, but it isn’t.

The US has some serious balls, I’ll give them that. Asking a member of Iceland’s government to give over his information, “I have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong — I have no intention to hand my information over willingly to DoJ (Department of Justice),” Jonsdottir wrote on Twitter.* It all seems a bit lopsided, don’t you agree? Why doesn’t the government arrest Senators who earmark bills with personal interests? And since Wikileaks was only revealing truth, does that mean that we the people can arrest the government for keeping us in the dark?

*Source Yahoo News.


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