But I believe in the enemy.

“At midnight all the agents
And the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone
That knows more than they do”-Bob Dylan, “Desolation Row”


In case none of you have heard about the Wikileaks debacle, Wikileaks.org was a website based on the principal of truth. They released very touchy documents including the Iraqi War Logs, and a more recent set of documents that showed the United States (and many other nations) being less than decent, as if that was a problem showing. However the government responded with issuing a warrant for the owner of the website, and has also banned the visitation of said site and is conducting an all-out war on internet freedom. However, this isn’t the first violation of basic human rights our government has stepped over.

Let’s recall the police action taken during the protests of the ’60s, and how inhumane the more conservative oppressors treated the protestors. Again, we move the times to the mid-2000s during the so-called “War On Terror.” We water-boarded supposed terrorists, which is not only a warcrime, but it also against the United Nations statute on torture. Two strikes. Now let’s begin the restrictions on human rights starting with the attacks during September 11th, 2001; The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act single-handedly destroyed your rights of free-speech and deleted the idea of privacy, then we allow the TSA to treat people like sex dolls . Now we have the violation of freedom of the press and unrestricted information trafficking via the banning of Wikileaks. Three strikes and you’re out. Let’s not also forget about the laws regarding photo-journalism, now we can’t even take a picture of a police vehicle on the street as it may “hamper the safety of said police officer.” For the record, I’d also like to state that from what I’ve come to understand about the recent ‘leaks information-there was zero threat to the Security of our troops and our armed forces.

Of course, it’s all about the wording. We do it in the name of “security.” First off, let’s be frank-there is not a single nation on this planet that posses an immediate threat to the security of the United States of America (nothing conventional mind you) and we have only ourselves as our own major threat.

“When truth becomes treason, there is no more democracy-only dictatorship.”


2 thoughts on “But I believe in the enemy.

  1. The law against photographing police cars was especially relevant in Key West when people were using these photos to report the heinous crimes that the KWPD was committing. They ended up mandating that it was “unsafe” for police officers’ names to be decaled on the cars for the exact same reason.

  2. Pffft, of course-Local governments covering up their own tails by keeping laws that are unlawful and anti-common. Ridiculous is our current state, wouldn’t you agree?

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