This country has lost it’s fucking mind if the people believe that the ultra-right can pull us out of the hole that we’re in. It’s never been enough for us to try comprehending the messes that we’ve made publicly over the non-issues of abortion, homosexuality, and freedom of religion (not to mention gun rights). For us to even begin trying to fix our problems we have to figure out what has this nation chasing it’s tail every few years. It’s like we have an awful case of worms and we’re scratching our ass on the carpet and when it doesn’t work we chew on it. We’re better than that, but it seems like since the 1980s this country has really started swinging the socio-political pendulum from extreme right-wing to extreme left without consciously thinking about the effect of the directions we head. We went from eight years of bad, to the Obama presidency and not even two years in we’re starting to shove the ball back into the hawks court.

I think it has to do with the instant gratification this country has set itself up in. Think about it, we want everything here and now and when we can’t get it? We resort to acting like a gaggle of god-damned apes whining about how we have it so bad. Maybe if we didn’t think that in two football seasons a trillion dollar slump could be fixed then maybe, just maybe we’d be facing slightly forward. No, instead we do a complete 360 and moonwalk away. It’s retarded and personally I think half of you have lost your fucking minds if you think that, for one second, anyone can fix our problems in such a short stint of history.

Sarah Palin never had her mind, John McCain lost his with the presidency in 2000 and Limbaugh has whipped topping for brains. What makes anyone think that any of these yahoos are fit for the Oval Office is beyond me, but the level of insanity that’s floating around these days makes me think that it’s contagious. Hell, I found myself saying “I miss Bush sometimes [if only to mock him.]” It’s absurd to think that a political circle jerk is going to get us anywhere and should anyone out there have a solution that doesn’t involve going left or right then please inform us. Not saying that the left has better ideas at this point, but someone has to start looking out to protect our people from corporate slime just as much as we look out for terrorists. Maybe that’s the problem?

We can sit around and blame anyone but honestly I blame the media for fueling this insanity and I blame each and everyone of us for not thinking with our heads screwed on properly.  If it’s any consultation, we can always blame the media for bringing the fear. Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a push and we’re off the deep end. Problem is, just how long can we hold our breath?


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