Happy 10/10/10!

Good afternoon, let me first say this weather is just spectacular and so great! That being said I also have to say that Anti-Smoking ads have probably been the biggest misleading force in campaigning since the search for the Fountain of Youth. Lets be honest for one minute, how many people actually die from smoking cigarettes? None. They all die from cancer caused by being less patriotic. This is a fact and you can’t convince these anti-smoking pansies of the truth. The only thing that will ever kill you is being Unamerican. Now, as far as these ad campaigns are concerned I have a serious question to raise about them; How much money did you spend on these ads? Instead of donating your monetary coercion on Children’s Hospitals or something of the like you spent it on making smokers look unhealthy and corporations evil.

First off, everyone fucking knows corporations are evil-okay, now what makes your little ads so viable? Nothing! You use dramatic examples of stimulated scenarios to prove your own point. Observe as I do the same:

I think guns are bad. Guns should be banned. People use guns in crime, and in warfare. Did you know that upto 78 million people died in World War II? Please ban guns, before we get another World War. If your daddy owns a gun he’s as bad as Hitler because Hitler’s soldiers used guns.

See what I did there? You make dramatic examples to mislead people by stating obvious facts and bad examples. Looking at Anti-Smoking “Truth” campaigns we see the same logic. Also, their numbers are fixed and have zero backing by any credible source and any source they give is often found to be funded by the same exact foundations that these ads are provided by. We can find these same examples popping up all over the place, ranging from the “Obamacare” (which I support, fully) being opposed by groups that are bought and paid for by big-insurance firms to United States military support given to destroy the Middle East because of special-interest groups. It’s the same old shit regurgitated over and over again. So who buys into it?

Housewives, school counselors, churches, morons, and smug bastards that drink their way to liver disease and eat their weight in cheeseburgers.


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