Lights, camera, transaction.

As an absolutely truthful and revered news source, BBN has a few opinions about the other “sources” of sensationalism  that spread hate, fear and half-truths/whole-lies around this country. You know what we think of  Fox News Co., you probably can assume that we don’t like most things that give out news (Because  a-they’re our competitor and b-they’re a bunch of pricks for the most part) however this post is about  something else. It’s about the rights we shouldn’t have as journalists and writers.

When media becomes about sensationalism it’s more about the spin and less about the fact. Such  things should probably be avoided because at the end of whatever is to come (out of the understood    story) they never report the ending unless it’s just as controversial. Do we have that right? Even  further do we have the legal ability and justified social standing to make decisions to produce such emotion? I don’t think so.

While it is completely understood this site is pure satire and philosophical examination (I promise you, more dick-jokes are coming) I don’t think we in the media should have the right to sensationalize stories without producing the full-monty of information. Giving only 60% of the story doesn’t work. It gets people hurt, it makes others more viable and even misleads the populace into making stupid decisions. Shouldn’t there be a cap on this? Maybe a law that prohibits the use of buzz-words on alleged cases that are in the making rather than give our immediate verdict? It’s like we in the media have the right to be judge, jury and executioner before a trial all because we use 60% of the information that is given. It’s not right, and to be honest with you I think it’s bastardization of what the press is supposed to do. We have the right to make decisions after we read a story but when the information has an obvious bias (in any form or fashion) we’re more apt to make the same assumption that the writer has made for us. “We Deceive, You Believe” reporting is something I’ll never be okay with-and neither should you.

When people become about profit and margins, you lose all human compassion and end up with only hate, greed and apathy towards the good things in life. I believe the media can choose whether or not they want to play at the heart strings to sell more (which we have the right to do) but I can’t ever be right with that.

Sorry for the rant folks! Next up a panda is trapped in a day-care and he’s getting very very hungry. Back to you, Tom!



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