Breaking news! Robots attack small, South Carolina town. (Warning: Shocking footage)

A recent outbreak of fires sparked the noted town of Jamesville, SC last week as small buildings began to catch on fire and began to randomly collapse. As the days passed by it was noted that people began disappearing as well as cats, until it came to a head on Monday, October 04th 2010.

Limited video footage has been released but by all confirmed sources, a robot brigade from  Slovenia destroyed and killed everyone in the town. The first wave of attacks were met with  58 deaths yesterday at 1 o’clock p.m. when they destroyed a KFC. Two survivors of the  attack remarked by agreeing the attack was quote, “wacky.”

At roughly 2:30 they had destroyed the local E-Z Mart, and when the children were getting  out of school they destroyed the James Brown center of learning, leaving no survivors except a Puerto Rican exchange student who was later killed during the resistance that met on mainstreet.

5 p.m. a small resistance met on mainstreet yesterday fighting the Slovenian attackers with pitchforks and other armaments. Bullets were found in the alleged attackers, as only one robot was found destroyed.

As of this morning the only remnants Jamesville that’s left is the local establishment, Squirty’s Grip and Plow (a sort of Chuck E Cheese). The only survivors were the two KFC attack survivors and a gang of illegal Mexican immigrants.

The government has yet to comment on the issue, saying only “I didn’t even know there was a Jamesville in South Carolina.”


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