Britain: A big ole’ bag of suck.

Hooligans, wenches, poofers and Queens abound in the mythical land of faeries and unicorns. The British have long held the reputation for the classier, more inventive members of the Anglosphere. I’m going to be perfectly blunt when I say that I really don’t care for the British-at all. Horrible teeth aside, they wouldn’t be so bad were it not that they’re the most obnoxious pieces of haggis that side of the pond.

Run by the Queen of England (single-handedly) the King has absolutely no power. Parliament is more of a “gentlemen’s agreement” and the people are 100% Arabic except for the Irish.

Cookies are not biscuits, you fucks.

The following is a 100% accurate depiction of the rulers of England

The Queen Sir Queen Elizabeth the LMCVIIth, she is actually a Corgi.

King Gertrude the Magnificent

It’s good to be King.

And finally, the Parliament circa. 2009

It’s not difficult to imagine how we beat the pants off of these guys in World War II, but what I can’t figure out is why we emulate their accent in movies for every role that isn’t based in New York.


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