Listen up y’all, this is sabotage.

Christine O’Donnell hates that us guys like to tug on our wieners. She doesn’t like that ever once and awhile I get the urge to unzip and grip. I don’t like that she wants to somehow set it up where I can’t get nasty with myself. So, I know that recently we had Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell Day, I believe it’s time to take it two steps forward-let’s make it a point to masturbate publicly. Delaware: coat the streets in your semen, and as for the rest of the nation just do whatever it takes to cream the dreams of this stupid bitch.

She's actually not BAD looking, I mean...I'd hit it with some mayo.

Of course, you’ll get arrested by the police if you commit such a horrifying act, so instead of jacking it in the classroom and local Taco Bell I suggest you print out a picture of Miss O’Donnell precede to ejaculate all over it, take a picture and post it online (Facebook preferably) then join the Christine O’Donnell fanpage and upload it to the wall photos. Bonus points if you get it on her face.

(If you believe that I want people to do this literally then you deserve to the ejaculate of the masses on your face, this is satire people-Don’t be stupid)


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