All out of biscuits. Hmm.

Did anyone ever stop to think that the reason why things are in such an upheaval is because of the generation gaps? Let’s take a look, shall we?

We see that the babyboomers are all in an uproar over the split between the two halves of the same American floor, half ultra-rightwing and half bleeding-heart liberals. The Tea Party (comprised of Babyboomers, church members, insurance money, Faux News parasites, and youth lost in translation) is most likely the result of the generation gaps and the broken back of the Repulicon(spelt this way on purpose, think about what I’m getting at) in 2008 when a super minority of Republicans desperately tried to rally. Truth.

Let’s look at today’s liberal. The idea of the long-haired, hempfooted liberal isn’t too far from the truth, but I think popculture has mislead us on the representation of the neo-liberal. When I look at my ideas of social distortion I think of myself in a liberal stance; I believe in a Free-Market with socialist stipulation to help support the capitalistic foundations while keeping those on top in check, I believe in gun-control to an extent because let’s be honest–no one wants Bubba nor Tyrone with a fully auto-matic rocketlauncher, I am pro-women’s choice for abortion, I see gay-marriage as non-issue, I believe in the rights to affordable health insurance,  education, a prosperous life, a living-wage, Social Security and Net Neutrality. I believe that if the United States is to stay the top dog of the world, we are to stay ahead of the curve, not lean towards crashing the machine that got us here.

Tea Party members are brash, crude, rude, filthy degenerates. To a Tea Party member everything I believe in (You know, that whole life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) is wrong. They believe in an absolute free-market, without any government “interruption,” zero-checks on business-powerhouses, zero gun-restrictions, anti-free choice, anti-public education, anti-health insurance [although, let’s laugh at the fact that 75% of them are on Medicare and Medicaid], no Socialism because it’s communist and evil, no government backed wages benefits, and that dinosaurs walked with Jesus Christ in Texas.

Let’s rely on the Tea Party’s generational experience because it’s gotten us so far. So far into debt, so far into unwinnable war, so far into the dark that our only light is to do the exact opposite of everything they say.


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