Hellview: Where the Rules Just Don’t Apply.

Belligerent brigades of bullet-baring bastards pour into the scene day-by-day. These wrinkled sacks of shit screaming over the loss of the “true America,” and the reality is just. They talk about how they’ve lost rights-well, that is true but it’s the direction they’re pointing that proposed finger that is wrong.

If your television has burned-in images of Glenn Beck whacking off, if your cellphone’s wallpaper is “DON’T TREAD ON ME,” and if you’re praying to your  God that Sarah Palin becomes president then I am talking about you in today’s topic. The Tea Party members have not only lost sight what being a patriot is, they’ve lost they’re fucking minds. Maybe it’s the problems of their generation catching up to them, possibly the Alzheimer’s, but it’s probably stupidity. I’m not going to go into what I keep saying day after day but I’m going to tell you a grisly tale of horror. Be forewarned that this tale is not for those with a weak constitution, and children should stave from sight of this depraved detailing of Hellview: Where the Rules Just Don’t Apply.

Mountain View Arkansas, 2010.

The small town of Mountain View has a population of (roughly) 3,000 people. Long trained in the traditions of backwards thinking and single-serving sanctions, the community has one overlaying problem; It’s sick. The elder generation is getting old and weak, the youth is stifled by the weight of boredom and ignorance and a virus has struck the heart of the sleepy little banjo-picking bunked barrier. Infecting every level of it’s infrastructure, weakening it’s core, rotting away all hope the Tea Party has bitten the broken backs of thought. Consciously taking every chance it obtains to distract, detract, and deceive. Bringing you fear in fifty forms the children of the former Greatest Generation generates hate. Who will stop this madness? Who can bring an end to the injustice of the intolerant? More importantly what can you do in a place where the rules just don’t apply?

Who commands this infection? The answer is an easy one to bring about. Simply put, the Tea Party of America is funded by Big Business, White Nationalism and fueled by a morose melon-headedness that is rivaled only by that of the Taliban. As for the sleepy little town, we look at who these people are. They’re business owners, farmers, stone sorters, new and old money. White power foaming at their bits these corroded carrions of concoction are the profiteers of a bigger picture, they just don’t know it. Should you try speaking with them, they’ll bombard you. Snarling, clawing, breaking and biting. First with attacks on your personal character should you not be one of them, secondly with attacks on your education, brought from the rear with a swift stab with conspiracy and you’re left with nothing but your wits they’ll smash you with “the truth.” Were you a weaker man you would have fallen, but since you’re strong and proud you strike back with your own brand of snarl. Retorting the timeless credos of “you’re being lied to,” “you have no clue what you’re talking about-do you,” and striking the strings with “Just die already. This isn’t even your country anymore. It’s ours.” These attacks are strong, but when one falls two more tealeaves grow in it’s place. Don’t worry, you won’t be the first to fall. They like to stack the bodies high. They believe in their ideas, and they know that their time is limited but until the calvary arrives you’ll have to make do. The rules just don’t apply for them. You can’t inch a word in without sixteen yellowed teeth chomping at you. You can’t move without being groped by Grampa Ghengis, they know the rules just don’t apply for them because they believe they don’t.

As you’re left alone, surrounded by the zombie-like Party, it grows dark and finally you pray for the Messianic figure to appear. They have teeth, claws, and bullets and you’re left with naught but hope, change, and truth. 96 quite bitter beings abound. Who will survive, and what will become of them?


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