Calm like a bomb. (warning, I say the fuck word in this post.)

Due to the lack of posts recently I’ve built up a couple of things to say. But first let me say that I’m sorry I can’t be posting everyday, school’s started back and I’ve got early morning classes so you know, but that being said it doesn’t keep me from saying that this world is filled with a nice slab of fucking morons.

First: If you’re behind me, in a mathematics course, talking about the muffler on your truck with your pal and I tell you to shut the hell up please don’t respond with “Hyuck! Suck my dick!” Because the next time you do I swear to God I will go apeshit on your hillbilly ass. You fucking peabrained, meth-totting, horse-fucking piece of donkey shit. You are not going to pass this class, so please kindly pack up your things and head back to your trailer. You fucking cunt.

Second: If you’re “at war” with Reddit or Digg. You’re “at war.” Online. You are aware that it’s the height of stupidity to attack either side when you both post the SAME FUCKING THING. GODDAMMIT. Fucking idiots. That’d be like a janitor attacking another janitor for picking up shit. Retards.

Ahh, feels good man. Well, expect a real post soon enough (Probably later today, I promise!)


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