The hilarity that is racism!

I read an article on Alternblog (speakeasy channel/ that pretty much spoke up about racism in Haiti and how rape is the White man’s fault. Just so we’re clear, when I read that I laughed my ass off. Why? Because it’s the height of stupidity to use the ageold scapegoat of “it’s whitey’s fault.”

I’m not anti-black, or anything like that but can’t we agree to say that it’s up to the country(ies) in question to run themselves? So, assuming that Haiti is bad because of it’s history with white people and not because of the common culture is a bit like saying Rednecks are awful because of the Black people isn’t it?

Let’s think about the article I spoke of for a moment. In a nut shell, (paraphrasing) “Haitian rape is the White people’s fault.” Okay, and what if I said that if a group of White people in Memphis raped a black girl, and claimed that it was the Black influence in the area’s fault. Makes me sound racist, but because you can use the white man’s guilt against us…it doesn’t make you racist? I’m sorry but that’s probably the funniest thing in history.

All in all, as it’s Sunday and I have things to do: Racism works both ways, fuckheads. You can be a Black racist too (Uh, Malcom X?).


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