Apparently abortion’s a touchy subject.

I had no clue that taking a life was such a big issue! I always thought it was pretty common place, you know with the existence of war, crime, death-penalties, corporations, old-age, pharmaceutical companies, and guns. See, this whole time I thought that death was just a natural part of life. So why so serious when it comes to abortion?

I suppose I can see the flip-side, “it’s a human life!”, argument. Except that I don’t buy into that bull for one second. Okay, yes the life is innocent, but so were the lives of Nagasaki and Hiroshima (and you don’t complain about microwaving them), so that’s not really much of an argument. “The Bible says it’s evil,” no actually it doesn’t. In fact, infanticide was more than common 2,000 years ago (but again, the world was flat back then, we’ve come a long way). So, if the Bible doesn’t say anything about it, and we’ve never had a problem with killing each other before what’s the problem? I looked deeper.

Aha! Because it’s a child it must deserve a chance! Wait wait wait. Don’t we already have children in this country that have less of chance than an aborted fetus? What about those kids living on the streets, nowhere to go, don’t they deserve a chance too? Haha, nevermind! They’re black, which means that it’s part of their culture, right? No, that can’t be it either.

Maybe because it’s wrong? Well yeah. Then again, according to the government, so is smoking a plant that grows naturally, copying something that never actually existed (files), and going to a Caribbean country who used to have cocaine problems (Cuba). Also, it’s not like we’ve ever had a problem with killing people. So, if you can answer my question, please do because honestly as a male I feel like I have no answer to the abortion question. Particularly because it’s not my decision, but just for the sake of keeping things proper I do personally believe the choice should be there. I mean, let’s face it, we don’t want another Palin kid.


Retards. Everyone of them.




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