The greatest idea in history, no really!

Okay, so Muslims, Christians and Jews are always arguing over the Temple Mount. So I came up with a solution that makes 2/3 pleased (because Muslims will never be content with anything).

In modern Jerusalem, the temple mount is seated by a gigantic mosque. This ugly old church is sitting on the world’s most precious hill since Iwo Jima, and I have a way to solve this whole USA/Israel VS Islam thing. Let’s use spies and false info to lure all of our enemies (Ahmadinejad, the Ayatollah, Kim Jong Il, etc etc) into the big ole yeller’ thing and blow it to smithereens!

Afterwords, we build a Wal-Mart on top of the hill. Why? Because A: It satisfies all real needs of the people in the area, b: it satisfies us Jews and our love of making/saving money (it’s true) and it helps the United States not only have a permanent military occupation in the Middle East, but also free market rolling back bullets? Genius!

Capitalism wins again.


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