Survivor: Compton

A few years ago I had a great idea for where the Survivor show should place it’s next spot. I always thought it was too easy to be on an island with a camera crew and a gift shop, so I came up with the idea of putting the next Survivor cast in Compton. Hold on! There’s more to this idea! Instead of taking random people from all over, we take people who have just graduated from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and throw them in Compton with no cell phones, money, and just the clothes on their backs for 6 months. If they survive for the allotted time then they win. Think about it! A good reality show.

It has all of the things that are needed, danger from getting killed by gangs that they’ve only ever heard of; excitement from the middle class for getting to see rich, white (or asian) kids in the most awkward situation they’ve ever been in; and it’s Compton. Imagine seeing some heiress to a huge hotel company learning to survive by becoming a crack-whore, or a Jew from Manhattan using his skills with a calculator for a money-laundering firm. Constantly seized by the pressure of “oh sweet Jesus, I can die at any moment,” and the crowd always hopes for bloodshed, with Compton it’s pretty likely. Personally, I’d love to see the show. Because living on islands with gift shops and games is just plain silly, survival in a place where people are trying just to get by makes more sense.

Just for the hell of it, it should also have Snoop Dog as the host of the show. Snoop drizzles on down to their hizzles and interviews people that have come in contact with their contestants and after three minutes of making fun of the rich kids-he smokes a bowl. Fantastic, right?


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