Hooray! BBN has lasted a whole two months and has now reached the first pillar of all sites-the 50th post! Drink, be merry and grab a hooker! You know, I had honestly expected this post to be about something so I’ll tell you my ideas that were just too much for a 50th post. I’ll try them when I’m in the 60s.

My personal life. Which has little to no value, so I axed that bitch faster than a hockey player to a seal.

I want to eventually write about why we need gigantic robot protectors. It will happen, and you will appreciate my flawless logic.


Religion, and how if you play your cards right you can get 72 virgins when you go to Hell. I mean, they’re Jedi but hey! V-card’s a V-card.

The Goddamn Batman.

Instead I will jut leave you with something else: words of encouragement- Never be afraid to speak your mind, especially if its unpopular.

Thanks! And keep reading BBN!


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