Till I collapse.

Another day, another bit of extreme expression against something that is broken in the system. You know, with all of the people who’re expressing these opinions like me-you’d think that the government would fix their shit.

What is right about an insurance firm that works for the employer who is at fault? Nothing. Even worse, how much of a son-of-a-bitch do you have to be to start a union that works for the employer? I’d like to think that the awful people running the shows’ stages are gigantic turds dressed up in Seersucker suits with slick-backed pubes stuck to their thin scalps with the e-z cheese holding the flea-ridden hair in place. (Reality check: I’m not far from the truth with that description, ever dealt with a used car salesman? Yup)

Living in a right-to-work state you’d think that it meant you have a right to work. Ha ha! No.  You have the right to be unemployed or worse, previously employed with zero compensation  for your work experience. Granted, I don’t think anyone should be paid $75 an hour for  putting on three bolts for a piece of equipment (I’m talking to you, unions!) but I also think  that if you’re injured due to negligence on the employers’ part you shouldn’t be prevented from just and right compensation.

Yes I’m biased in this situation, but let’s look at a prime example; my father.

Dad worked for a commercial construction company for 5+ years as a foreman, however being a foreman (an underpaid foreman at that) was just not enough for his employer. See, overseeing 3 jobs is simply doing too little. As a foreman (who isn’t the employer’s son) you are required to not only unload [single-handedly] but you must also do 99% of the labor that the workcrew is supposed to be doing. Oh, all for a measly $16 an hour with no health-care other than the bastardized coverage known as Workman’s Comp. Life’s nice for those scumbags who get to pretend to care while sitting behind a desk looking at a “case” some 800 hundred miles away.

Back to my example, my father was unloading a skytrak (imagine a bulldozer and a forklift had a baby and weighed some 4 tons) when the equipment (faulty equipment) jumped into gear and crushed my father’s right leg from the middle of the shin down. The upper-arch spread, the toes destroyed and were it not for the great surgeons at UAMS he would’ve lost it. All of this would have been prevented of course had the employer actually maintained said equipment, and now that my dad’s career is all but lost he is allotted a measly sum of cash that comes with disrespect and face-value ignorance. Thanks Arkansas! Fuckheads.

My point in all of this is that if you’re in a r-t-w-s you cannot seek compensation for your accident against your employer and instead you are left to deal with the most subjugated fuckfaces around; big-insurance.

Now tell me, who’s been slighted? My father who’s career is gone, as is 40% of his ability to  walk and left bereft of compensation and justice or the company who’s helping protect the  bastard who got him in this mess. One of my goals in life is most definitely to show these  pieces of shit for what they are, and to extract proper justice for the employee and common  man.


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