Staying classy in 2010s.

I honestly want style to return to a pre-50s fashion. I’m not talking about 1800s or anything like that, but if we could just continue this trend of throwbacks to the 1930s/40s I think we would all be a little better off. Looking at Hollywood today we can see that fashion is getting classy again and I personally think it’s something we could all use.

Take the recent blockbuster, Inception, as an example. Looking at DiCaprio, Gordon-Livett and Murphy’s wardrobes you can clearly see that we are realizing that class is coming back in a big way. I personally like wearing suits and I like when women dress proper (sorry kids, your White Chapel booty shorts are not becoming-at all). I want to keep this short, so here’s a quick flash at what is stylish, tasteful and classy versus what is bad (even by Cher and Liberace’s standards).

Lady GaGa- You look like a Final Fantasy villain. Stop it. As a guy I can honestly say that I don’t find you attractive when you’re looking like this, and if any guy does I would have to sincerely call in to question his sexual orientation. (However I would like to point out that when not looking like a Japanese cartoon she’s actually quite hot)

Ellen Page-I’m a bit biased when it comes to Page because I have the biggest crush on her (yes, she’s my celeb crush). So in lieu of her keeping it classy, she’s also the most adorable little thing-idn’t she?

Joseph Gordon-Livett-Dude is throwing back to James Dean and that is kickass. Guys, this is how we’re supposed to dress. Stop the Fubu, quite the Hottopic and get out of Hollister (and I swear to God leave your Von Dutch hats and Ed Hardy shirts at home)



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