Cutting the bullshit.

Anyone who’s worth their salt these days knows politics is a messy and horrible game to play, and if you didn’t know that… well, I just wrinkled your brain. Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not an atheist per se, I’d rather consider myself open to the idea of religion. I just don’t have what it takes to look off the side of a cliff, see rocks and believe that when I jump they’ll magically turn to pillows made of marshmallows and sugar, sorry. I hate people who prey on the weak, and that’s exactly what the church does to people.

It’s not a secret that Catholic priests prey on little boys, it’s not a secret that Islamic extremists seek out starved young men who are extremely impressionable. It’s certainly no secret that the politicians and church use each other to serve their better interests. What’s my answer?  I don’t have an answer to life’s big mysteries, and I’ve never claimed to know what will happen when you die but my answer to those who prey on the weak (physically and mentally) and use supernatural fairytales to their advantage is this; pray for God to turn the rocks into pudding and jump, we’ll judge for ourselves accordingly.

Politics and religion go together better than mayo and tuna, and just like the latter they both stink when mixed and left in a bowl. Stop using what your pastor says as a tool for who you vote for, and what you decide is right. Only you can decide whether or not something is just. I have no quarrels with God, he and I just choose to see other people. I have a definite problem with people who always claim “GOD IS RIGHT, IS MIGHT AND JUST AND THEREFOR EVERYTHING THAT I WANT TO DO IS BAD BECAUSE IT WILL SEND ME TO HELL,” etcetera etcetera. I have an even bigger problem with churches (all churches, not just Baptists and Catholics but Jews and Muslims too) who use their religion as a tool for propaganda and bigotry.

I’d also like to point out that it is the lamest excuse to say that “I don’t think I want to do that because it will send me to Hell.” If your entire existence is based around what the KJV* says, and not what you believe to be personally right, then you’re even more miserable than weeping, creeping Jesus. My point in all of this is to please go look into a mirror and ask yourself whether or not you actually believe what you say or does it just spew out because of what you’ve been told. Hey, I’m no better but at least I’ll admit that I don’t know. Uncertainty of the unknown is better than certainty of lies.

*King James Version, as in the run-of-the-mill Bible. No offense to it, poetic as it may be it leaves something wanting in the explanation department.


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