All Good Things…(Part 2): A review of Starcraft II.

Don’t call it comeback

Let me be frank, Starcraft 2 is beautiful and so far almost everything I wanted.

Blizzard has done it again and hell, it’s about time. Starting off the ten-year-wait today*, I began with the most important part of the long-awaited title: The multiplayer. While it doesn’t have direct LAN-support (the one thing that I was disappointed with) it’s multiplayer section is pretty standard. It’s not a huge jump from the previous title, easily keeping the same basic key commands. The new units are a welcome move (from my part at least) as I prefer the Marauder to the Firebat, and the new Terran Reaper is easily among my new favorite video-game units. As I only play as Terran this review will be based on my perspective, if you want the Zerg piece go talk to South Korea and as for Protoss I have no comment except that they’re pretty looking. Back to my point, it’s control scheme is an easy jump and it’s computer is extremely easy on…well, easy. I didn’t get too much of a chance to move to the harder difficulties, but from what I could tell by my experience thus far on campaign-they’re quite formidable. The expansion of the features are also a welcome addition despite their obvious blockade of LAN.


On to the campaign I have to preface by saying it picks up  with Jimmy Raynor sitting in a bar watching the boobtube, smoking a cig and scarfing down his choice drink-Swill. On to the graphics, Blizzard always displays a pretty package so that’s not much of an issue to talk about (save the voice-overs are extremely proper when it comes to the actual voices and mouth movements)


So yes, it is a sexy looking game. The campaign is pretty easy to grasp, especially if you know  the story (No spoilers here). It eases you into the new characters, controls and units at a more  than smooth pace (almost a slow pace, I’d like to be making Ghosts and Cruisers in the first  few minutes, which shows my impatience). Being a mission-based RTS it’s raised the bar  with interactivity in terms of mechanics and the inclusion of achievements is both slightly grade-school and nice, but I have no argument against the addition as it is always nice to have more balls than everyone else (think of the achievements as a form of an online dick-showing game in it’s own right). It still has a unit-cap of 250, but it’s definitely easier to move your pawns around due to the expansion of being able to select damn near every unit you have. Also I have no complaints on the abilities of selecting multiple buildings, queuing up numerous upgrades and building multiple units at once. I do find some of the first few missions a bit gimmicky but honestly it’s not an issue.

While the tech specs are a bit beefy, they’re understandable due to the amount of hardware usage this game takes. I’m looking forward to playing it more and I’m really curious as to what the expansion could offer honestly (except LAN 🙂 ). So after the twelve year wait, Starcraft II is certainly something to pick up this summer and it is definitely worth the $60 drop.

I’m giving this long-awaited title a 10/10.

*an inside joke, as in it will be another ten years before another Starcraft title.


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