Room on fire.

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just giving my opinion about something… On my Facebook, or my blog.  I was looking back through my old Facebook notes and I forgot how much  negativity there was.  While yes some it came from me, the majority of the negativity came  from people commenting  on my the notes in question and I thought to myself “You know,  when last I checked it was my opinion.” That being said of course it doesn’t deviate how  much of a bottom feeder you  are if you have to immediately jump on deck with guns ablaze  against me because you disagree  with my thoughts on certain subjects, unless you’re tagged  in it-then I’m pretty sure you have  that right. But I have the right to retaliation at any point of my choosing. That’s in the Bible…or the Constitution.

Reminds me of something from a long time ago that until today I had forgotten completely. Back in mid-2009 I had posted a note about things that I didn’t think were the cat’s meow and some people decided they were going to bombard it because they disagreed. While I welcome all opposite sides of things, I do not welcome unwarranted attacks on my character or anything to that degree. A girl named Kaci Wiley had actually added me just to do such a thing. (I use their real names because I can do that, and I’m an asshole so I want people to know the perpetrators. Durr hurr)

She added me, and began bombarding the note with her opinions. That’s okay, until she started attacking people that disagreed (woohoo including me, look at that). Then proceeded to instant message me and attacked me on everything. I like the gumption that she showed, I’ll give her that. What matters is the level of immaturity and lack of respect that it shows. It’s caught on like wildfire throughout today’s youth. You don’t like what I have to say, that’s fine but don’t you ever disrespect my thoughts and try to discredit me as a human being you backwards thinking, bloated-ego-filled cunt. Please proceed to get fucked, die of AIDs and let me dance on your grave, thanks-The Guy who will call you out. I would also like to point out that if you are still in High School I’m pretty sure your malcontent for my disapproval of Michael Cera films is unjust, seeing as how 9/10 High Schoolers cannot tell their own asshole from their mouth (you know, both keep shitting)

I urge the same deference when dealing with the same people, just troll them back. I know this happened a long time ago, but I just remembered it and well… I needed something to complain about didn’t I?


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