Life on Mars?

Living in the 21st century is a marvel indeed. For the first time in history we can communicate with  anyone-at any time, the world is at our fingertips but what really gets me is that no one knows how  to communicate anymore. Call it a gift of the magi, but we’ve sold our cars for gas money.

Its not a huge problem-yet, but the way I see it is that instead of spending all of our time either  fucking or fighting we should be working together; learning and developing rather than…well,  fucking and fighting. Its sort of depressing that with this great technology also comes distance from  each other. I can honestly say that it’s great that I know people that I’ve never even met but at the  same time I don’t even know the people I live with. Neighbors not knowing each other’s names, classmates forced to read and study rather than study each other and play. It’s just sad, I think, that we can have each other so close yet mentally we’ve distanced ourselves astronomically.

I see it everyday, we talk at each other in 140 character bursts. No one cares about each other, and no one cares to care-we just want the information then and there. It’s sort of like wanting the orgasm without the sex, guess its less messy that way. It’s still weird to think that we’d rather type to each other than hear another voice. Sometimes I wonder, “Is there life on Mars? If so, maybe they’d like to talk.


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