As a Roman

The only mythological God I've ever been compared to.

Over the course my measly existence thus far I have developed a certain code, this code keeps me in check with myself-a series of self-checks and self-balances if you will. If you wondered what makes me tick, what makes me keep my self as I am a list will follow if not? Go look at my other posts, creep. As they say, “When in Rome…”

“A capite ad calcem,” meaning from head to heel. This means at all times be as you would like to present yourself to the public eye. Never make yourself less than what is expected (God forbid you’re not a crowd pleaser).

“Ab absurdum,” to the absurd. Always assume the most awful and absurd scenario, even if it is grisly. This way you’re most prepared to deal with what is necessary. Also, it makes for a hilarious disposition you know…Being absurd and retarded.

“Ad unadas;” To Hell. I’ve always thought that whatever you may be, never back down from what is within. It is the first duty of every person and if it’s not good enough for the rest then let you yourself to Hell (because at least this way it was by your truest doing)

“collige virgo rosas,” Pick the roses, you’re young and so you should enjoy it all.

My personal motto: “Nunquam impleo,” Never content. Never be content with anything, always seek to change everything at all times.

Finally “nemo me impune lacessit,” No one provokes me with impunity. Always receive justice and compensation when it is due and never forget that it is owed from yourself as well.


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