All good things… (part 1)

I’m a nerd-I know it, you know it, hell even Big John knows it. It’s been over ten years since  Blizzard released a Starcraft title (not including expansion, Brood War), and in that time it  has become one of the most valued, played and beloved of all video game titles. It’s within the ranks of Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Warcraft. When you say the name Starcraft to a gamer their response begins with a smile, and ends with one. A real-time strategy game, Starcraft has been a keystone of entertainment for over a decade. Its term of duty has captivated many and left a legacy of broodlings, memories of getting your shit kicked in by Koreans and at the end of the day you can only smile when you think of Starcraft.

Released March 31st, 1999 Starcraft made it’s debut with roar. Spouting up thousands of tournaments and minting the term “n00b,” it has given countless people something to compete with one another over, and it’s computer player is no slob either. Three races separate the players, but the speed, critical thinking and cunning is what unites us. Whether you’re a Terran (human) player, a Protoss (think Octopus faces with bean katanas) or Borg, er Zerg player, you’re part of a family that has been around for over a decade. It’s with both remorse and distinction that I look back at my playing this game. As sad as putting it on the shelf to collect dust may be, I have only to look forward to next Tuesday (July 27th) when Star Craft II: The Wings of Liberty is released.

My first real experience with Starcraft came at my friends, the Steigers in 2001. Playing it on the N64, I instantly fell in love with it and have not put down the Terran side yet. Since then I’ve played it on every computer I’ve owned since, and I as of next Tuesday I’ll have the sequel to battle with.

Here’s to the finest crew in video-gaming.


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