I was doing some major soul searching and I’ve realized how far I’ve come in my own rite, which lead me to start thinking about how I could prove it to others. I immediately abandoned this idea because I decided instead to write an article about my evolution from being a spectator to a user. Sunday morning BBN: Internets! My time spent here thus far.

One of my farthest back memories of using the internet is somehow related to, I know I used it before that but otherwise I can’t remember for the life of me what, exactly, I was doing on this newfangled thing called the world wide web. A stronger memory begins when I was somewhere around the age of ten, watching a video of something I didn’t even remember until about two days ago: Eskimo Bob.

What a revelation! I had forgotten about the days when the internet was for watching retarded cartoons that I can’t comprehend the

hilarity of today. I think at one point Flash-based cartoons and Kitty-cannon were the hight of our generation’s usage of the internet, how humble. Homestar Runner, Eskimo Bob, the All Your Base remix; these were once the things I couldn’t wait to get home to see. It was always a toss-up between these sites or looking up Dragon Ball Z Korn remixes, and I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Checking my thoughts I then remember getting on Myspace for the first time when I was somewhere around 15. Back in the days of Livejournal and AOL messenger. (You’ve got to remember that at this stage in my life I was devoted to Japanese pop-music, watching strange animé and listening to AFI way too much).  That lead to one thing and then another and after so long I ended up on Facebook in early 2007 (and it’s remained my home ever since, thanks Zuckerberg!) But these days my internet game is not just a mash up of Facebook, stupid Youtube videos, porn and checking my email.

I’ve noticed that the standard remains the same, it’s a very basic formula for me. Facebook for interaction with  my friends, Twitter to annoy people with what I’m doing, Google provides my basic essentials of email/search  engine, 4chan makes me giggle, and well…porn has never really evolved (except from using pink to black to  clear dildos-apparently it’s a trend). Of course, I still use it for school “work,” and downloading my music.  Sites like 4chan, Reddit, and Digg keep me up-to-date with what the kids are jiggling to and I’m okay with that because well, it’s not like I have much else better to do.

It’s just sort of refreshing to see how far I’ve evolved with my usage of the internet-you know?

Wait a minute…


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