Candidacy (for the world’s greatest song)

Argued over more than the very nature of Jesus is the subject of the greatest song in the history of mankind. The question is not an easy one to answer, however BBN is submitting a list of a few candidates who may very well take the championship belt home as holders of the World’s Greatest Song.

#3- Phil Collins’, “In the Air Tonight.”

Long subjected as a British soul-fucker, Phil Collins has had a pretty shammy career. Hits like “Sussudio,” and “I Can’t Dance,” landed him at the top of the list of dudes who will never be cooler than your grandma-even if your grandma happens to be Macho Man Randy Savage. For the record, “In the Air Tonight” is most likely his greatest piece of work. Both compelling and simple at the same time, Collins managed to forge a song that will make 99.9% of the female populace damp upon it’s synth-beat’s start. Try as you may, you cannot deny “In the Air Tonight” has you seeing stars the moment that drum break hits. Phil Collins, we salute you.

#2- The Who, “Baba O’Riley”

Pinball wizards, the Who, released this epic of annoying-as-fuck-keyboard(?) intro and teenage angst anthem back in 1971. Townsend’s lyrics probate the “pain” and “spiritual necessity” of rebellion. It’s hailed as one of the all-time epics, and for that I submit to it’s wonky as hell ending which goes from angst and frustration to a very obliviously acid-laden mix-up which reminds me of downsyndrome and the ending to an episode of “House M.D.” Give it to the pondplompers, they nearly broked them hips at this year’s Superbowl and despite being at least 900 years old, they manage to rock out with their roosters a’swinging.

#1-Boston, “More Than A Feeling.”

Fist-pumping, throttling saga of a song. “More Than A Feeling” is everyone’s instant favorite song. The riff, the stage, the clapping, and the smile it instantly splatters all over your face. This song melts your face with uneic-like vocals during the chorus, and is definitely one of my all time favorite songs in the history of parties. One of my favorite memories involves this song, my back porch, 30 something people and Ethan Allen+Landon Aaron playing only the chorus for 20 some-odd minutes until everyone was singing along at the top of their lungs (albeit drunk). I personally throw the chip in the hat for this as the most likely candidate for the World’s Greatest Song.

Any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Ethan Allen obviously supporting this post.


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