Wow! Hollywood really IS that trashy! (Weekend edition)

Man oh man, I was looking online at celebrities that used to be the créme de lá créme but eesh…They’ve really let themselves go. I suppose it goes with age, first goes your crow’s feet, then your stomach gets saggy and last…you’re on Hollywood Squares. It’s a sad, throw-away culture we live in isn’t it?

Except no, these people need to stop toting themselves as the beasts they were. Also in the list is not quite old enough-but still nasty. Proving the “beautiful people” aren’t really so pretty. Here’s BBN’s Weekend Edition;

Celebritys: getting gross.

Marilyn Manson, once an icon of transexual deviancy is now reduced to a flappy failure whimpering in his pit. Oh well, here’s to you Manson, ya’ creep.

Keith Richards: You’re obviously from the time of when Larry King was young-but do you really need to make it known that you look like you’re from when he was born?

(Richards, circa 1374 A.D.)

Britney Spears: Once a jailbait icon now you’re just a shadow in Miley Cyrus’s panty-line. When you shaved your head a fag on Youtube cried out “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” and we all wondered “Hmm, wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.” Now we’re curious as to which diet you’ve failed this week.

Amy Winehouse, uhm…I got nothing witty to say here. Trés unmagnifique. Oh, and for those of you who see magazines and believe that all Europeans are sexy, sleek individuals who’re vasty superior…here’s my response.

Here’s a double-dose of ugly, because I love you that much.


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