Twitter, a love/hate story.

Twitter is sort of like a little bird sleeping in your pants or on your nightstand that keeps screeching at all hours of the night-especially when you follow people that tweet multiple times….in a minute.

I started using Twitter back in mid-2008, after garnishing a few followers I began to use the mobile function. A bittersweet decision on my part. A year later I started bitching and moaning and groaning about how the people I followed tweeter way too much, yadda yadda. Stopped following so many people, then the process started over again. Rinse, and repeat.

Two years later I’m left with a love/hate relationship with the social-function tool. As I love following my friends (@tyler_h, @jabowah, @dominicajm, and @larahelizabeth) I also love following Bill Shatner and Bill Compton’s Wii but some of my friends tweet stupidly. It’s sort of depressing that I’m bitching about having friends that like to keep with me (and vice versa) but really? Do you have to tweet random quotes 6 times in a minute? If it were an update every few hours-I’d be okay with it, but have we become so engrossed and dependent on online media that we have to let everyone know what we’re doing at all times? I honestly don’t care that you’re out of toilet paper, nor do I care that sophomore friends are getting drunk together. I like Twitter but sometimes…I want my phone to be less of a nuisance.

Oh well, I guess I don’t really have much room to talk seeing as how I update my Facebook status constantly and blog about nonsense like this. But hey! You’re reading it-so you’re just as bad. All aboard the online Fail Bus…I mean, whale.


6 thoughts on “Twitter, a love/hate story.

  1. Holla! I got a shout out.

    p.s. get a smart phone so you can have an app instead of txts. kthnx. 🙂

    p.p.s. Yes I know you’re getting a smart phone later this year.

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