Music, real music.

Talking about music in my earlier post I guess I should probably start saying what I actually listen to and what I consider to be good music. Warning: I’m an elitist when it comes to music..well, I’m an elitist in general (movies, music, etc. etc.) but I’m excruciatingly hard on music.

While I enjoy my fist-pumping moments with my goons, listening to AC/DC and Motley Crüe, I have a hard time actually sitting around listening to that stuff so instead here’s my top five bands of the now.

#5- Elf Power

No clue as to why I’ve been feeling so poppy lately, but this band is probably the biggest cause of such an affliction. Sweet little ditties such as “Willowy Man,” and “Simon (the bird with a candy-bar head)” have just been making me feel like a twelve year old girl again. I’m digging their stuff and they’re just a fun, lil’ indie band who’re having fun and it makes you smile. Dig ’em.

#4- Ratatat

Jamming my ears with technowizardry, this New York-based duo has been impressing me for a few years now, but there is just something to their remixing skills that is just…well it’s the cat’s meow. Check out their mixings on Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1, featuring Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Raekwon, and Brooklyn Zoo. If you get the chance, power-out to LP3, it’s a keeper.

#3- Badly Drawn Boy

Aww, time to throw in the indie acoustic kid. BDB reminds me a lot of being a kid-maybe that’s why I like them so much. But definitely an artist I’m diggin’ up on these days. The Hour of the Bewilderbeast is a pretty solid piece of work, and I’ve not gotten through all of his, stuff but I’m getting there. Check out the single, “Monsters,” its something to dream to, that’s fer’ schure. Damon Gough has something to his technique.

#2- TV On the Radio

Listened to them for years, but my iTunes was shuffle recently and BAM, “Ambulance” came on and rekindled my love-affair with TVOTR. Though they’ve been out for years, they’re still not as commonly listened to. If you get the chance, DL their 2003 skit, Desperate Youth|Bloodthirsty Babes. That shit is just too legit. The vocals are something to behold as is the random-ass instrumentation that they through in, all of their  stuff is well produced and extremely good for being the equivalent of modern-jazz ensemble.

#1- Brad Sucks

The one man band with no fans is just fucking hilarious. Something like a neo-Marcy Playground, Canadian Brad Turcotte has some serious skills with making you feel 15 again. Good for young adults, he’s pretty core with his writing and his instrumentation is as nifty as Salvation Army. Check out “I don’t know what I’m doing,” it’s a great album. Old stuff but more than decent for today’s listener. He normally sports the themes for Athene (World of Warcraft player in Yoorup), but his music is dirty-to-the-bone.

Guess Neo-Grunge needs to start making it’s way back…oh, wait.


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