Thunderstuck: The most awesome death in history.

Put on your aviators, fill your nose with the good stuff, light a smoke and crank that power metal. It’s time to learn about the most badass way to die-Ever.

Blazing down a desert highway at 110 MPH in a 1984 Trans Am with blow piled on the dashboard, two hookers strung out in the backseat. After a month of binge-drinking, banging women who’s faces have blurred into a single memory and killing more men than James Bond you crank up your Trans Am to face the blazing glory that is your final few minutes.

Bruce Willis is chasing after you in a 1971 red, Dodge Challenger and armed with vengeance. Oh, and his Colt .45 doesn’t hurt his rep either. Burning down the highway chasing after you, shooting, spitting, cursing and he himself being chased by two F 22 Raptors.

Adrenaline pumping as hard as a Judas Priest fan’s fist, AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” begins blaring on your radio. It’s a good day to die.

Bruce Willis goes first, his Challenger getting shot roughly 30 billion times by the Raptors screeching after you two he explodes in a very Hollywoodway.

After he explodes you realize that there’s slightly less than 30 meters left of road, then cliffside, then awesome.

You put the petal to the metal, kicking it up to 145 mph you soar off the cliffside exploding into something more badass than you or I can imagine, soon after, the Raptors collide being blinded by your awesome. You’ve been thunderstruck.



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