America keeps missing the target.

I don’t think the word extremist is a good term to use for anyone unless they really deserve the term. I don’t even like using the word because it immediately paints the face of the individual as a zealot, hellbent on ruining whatever fun everyone else is having. I do, however, think that idiot is a pretty good word to describe the mindless masses of conservative-America. The problem with being a conservative is that you have to be such a hypocrite, it’s got to be tiring. Not to say that liberals aren’t all bleeding-hearts, most of us are, but it’s a little bit easier to just not care rather than care about everything. I think everyone’s missed the point.

It’s too easy to be a Republican, to give in to the temptations of greed and caring about no-one but yourself. That’s the funniest part to me. Right-wingers cling to the King James Bible and an AR-15 and preach about how liberals are the soulless atheists that are ruining our nation. Liberals claim that all conservatives are heartless pricks that only care about money, oil and keeping themselves safe. Neither side is wrong nor right. That’s just like your opinion, man.

I don’t think ethics really was taught in Havard business to the .3% that rules 99% of the county’s floating money, if it was they would’ve known that it’s unethical to force presidents to start wars on their behalf. Then again, I suppose ethics are relative to what your understanding of the world is. As for me, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I think it’s the height of stupidity to worry about oil in the Middle East when we have 300 years of stocked fuel in Louisiana, then again I’m also the guy who says that abortion and gay-marriage are non-issues while everyone around me is bickering over whether or not homosexual atheists will destroy us all by killing our straight babies. Again, I think they’ve all missed the point of what’s really important.

It’s not too much to ask for when I say that my liberal cohorts are missing the point either, stop worrying over what retarded Tea Bagger on Fox News is saying about you and start worrying about our international relations with foreign sovereigns. China is buying us out of house and home, Rep’s are getting richer and liberals are screaming “SEAN HANNITY IS A DOUCHE.” Stop it. We all know that Hannity’s a douche, and we all know that Limbaugh is a fat old sack of crap who’s just in it for the publicity. Duh. Let the media worry about the media and make the rest of our party worry about who’s doing what in other countries.

I do think that it’s an extreme idea to worry about what people are downloading on the internet, when you have several communities in this country drying up and withering away. In fact, I think it’s disgusting. Am I an extremist? I’ve heard that I am, I just think I’m telling it like it really is: Republicans are douche-bags, Tea Baggers are White Supremacists, Democrats are spending too much time worrying about what everyone else is saying and the people have almost stopped caring again. Not a good thing. Most of the things that people are arguing about are non-issues, which takes away from the real discussion and just causes further ripping in our society.

Gay marriage isn’t an issue, marriage is a religious title-therefor it’s left up to churches whether or not they can call it marriage (when it’s legal-it’s referred to as a Civil-Union, so fuck off and let them make each other annoyed everyday if that’s what they want). Abortion is legal, gonna stay that way, next! Socialized medical care is anti-Jesus? Really? Is your Medicare against what the constitution of Jesusland says? Gun rights? What I don’t understand about that is that the 2nd amendment is the only piece of the Bill of Rights that attempts to legislate technology, and I have my doubts Washington would want Billy-Bob sitting on his porch with an M4 Custom and Jefferson might’ve had jungle-fever but I don’t think he’d approve of Tyrone having an Uzi either. We go to other countries, taking away their people’s guns…yet we want to keep ours? Interesting.


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