Politics Reloaded: Fuck what you heard, you ain’t heard this before.

“I don’t really care-it’s not like I have any affect. Plus, it’s not any of that shit matters anyway.”

That’s the response people normally have when the subject of politics comes up. I know that I’ve had my moments of cramming what I think is important down everyone’s throats. I’m not apologetic about it either. That being said, for once I’d like you to listen instead of arguing amongst each other.

Before I get shot for saying what I’m about to say, please remember that this is my opinion, albeit a rather biased one. Don’t get your panties in a wad over what I think, thanks.

On the subject of the Tea Party, our leaders have lead you to believe that you’re supposed to just ignore them and they’ll go away. False. The media-fire is pushing them forward, and they’re getting more zealous day-by-day. This is not something we can just ignore and pan off as if they were just ignorant mosquitos. They’re building more momentum as I type this, even worse-they’re getting more influential and powerful everyday. So, what’s the problem? Well for starters, they’re mostly masses of belittled idiots who never got the chance to rebel when they were young. Why are they protesting everything? Because they can, they do what they’re told by something you haven’t really thought of…yet.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Tea Party, they’re backed by more than just Fox News corporation and several bank-holders. They’ve got the backing of a major media outlet, several Oil and Insurance firms, and a demon that hasn’t really reared it’s head since 1957; the Race War’s biggest competitor, Neo-Nazis. They’re backed by the worst of the worst, leagues of White Nationalists are backing the front that is the Tea Party. Don’t believe me? Take a look here in Arkansas.

Fear of the name increases fear of the subject itself, thus I will name who one of the biggest enemies to the state in Arkansas is: Billy Roper.

A former teacher, Roper is devoted to the unification of all Aryan factions. He both backs the Tea Party and is a current member and head of the White Revolution faction. Running for governor of Arkansas, and possible candidate for future prospect of Presidency. He is dedicated to the extermination of all other races, claiming Adolf Hitler as his hero, he’s a problem. He isn’t above celebrating 9/11 (calling it a “triumph) and isn’t afraid to celebrate genocide and mass murder.

This is in league with the same idiocracy of Palin posting cross-hairs over the places of residence of members of the House of Representatives and Senate that voted for the recent Health-care reform. They carry weapons to protests, and they’re telling their members to “reload.” Several candidates for House and Senate are of the some cusp, if you thought Republicans for eight years was bad enough, you haven’t even thought of a nation under rule of this breed.

This is not something that we can ignore, or brush aside. If these people get even one toe in the door, there will be Hell to pay. I know I sound totally crazed and idiotic but it’s the truth. It’s these type of people, amongst many more that are proclaiming a “revolution” is at hand. They’re wanting to start another civil war. Don’t discount their influence, their members include prominent poli-heads, law enforcement, and media members.

As this is what Big-Box News was originally intended for, I will keep the few who read this posted and I’m open for all discussion and considerations. I should hope that this sort of activity isn’t happening everywhere, but sadly enough-I know it is.


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