How ya like me now?

February 21, 1986 A boy in a green tunic steps out onto the stage to become one of the biggest names in entertainment history, carrying only a sword, shield and a burning fire for his pointy-eared girlfriend. Armed with apathy and a penchant for never sleeping, thousands of people have answered the call to saving the girl who farts out hearts;The Legend of Zelda is not only one of the most widely known video games to date but its also a household name. From tattoos and Halloween costumes to baby-names and furniture, The Legend of Zelda continues to spark imagination and excitement in the hearts of all every year. So, in a very funk-fused fantasy way: Big Box News presents a tribute to twenty-four years of awe.

The first time I played a Zelda game I was probably 6 years old sitting in front of my brother’s old RCA television with an SNES controller in my hands. I remember getting so angry that I kicked the wall because I kept dying in a cave for some two and a half hours. Show me another game that can do that to a kid and still make him want more. Truthfully, I don’t think I ever quit playing that game, and as far as I can recall-I don’t remember ever actually beating A Link to the Past. And 15 years later, it hasn’t stopped me from playing one of the most beloved franchises in history-In fact, I hope that when I’m 80 years old I’ll still be playing as Link (hopefully though, not in my parents’ house).

More than my love of Final Fantasy and Castlevania, Zelda titles hold much more in my heart. I know it may seem like blasphemy, but I don’t even currently own a Wii (gimme until this fall, then I’ll get a black one) and I still loved Twilight princess more than you can imagine. Every time I’ve bought a Zelda game, I can remember it.

We remember things so well from our childhood so long as we kept them close to our hearts, and maybe that’s why we all can remember playing Zelda as clearly as we can remember our first day of school. Although, I think that’s because we had more fun sitting in front of our TVs living out the adventure we never really could have. There’s something to the formula that is just perfect, and although every game has had the same fundamental story-we’re enticed, more than that; we’re addicted. Selling over 59 million copies, it continues to keep us hooked. From A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker to Twilight Princess and Four Swords I look forward to playing Skyward Sword and whatever else that pig-nosed bastard, Gannon, has to offer. Here’s to 24 years of sword-slinging-fairy-knocking-flue-playing-Gorgon-punching-princess-saving fun, and hopefully at least 24 more (even if it does include Tinkle *shudders*).



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