Heron Blue.

Oh say can you see that by the dawn’s early light our country has become the blight upon itself?

We speak of liberty as though it was given to us by some supreme deity in the Heavens, mandated from God you are free. We have forgotten that through time we have shoveled the dirt of our stains out of our own graves. We the people are to be born free-free of want, free of charge, free of service, free of iniquities by tyrant hands. Through our own freedom we allow our own privilege to be that which we are to be free from; free of iniquities by tyrant hands.

But it’s not the President who holds our chains of slavery, our future shackles are not from some socialist plot but rather by the very people we think our friends. Your church members, your schoolboard, your cousins, neighbors, friends and families. They’re very angry at something they don’t understand, the prosperity of freedom. I don’t want this to be a flowery-hymnal to support our president nor my own party. Instead of my halfwitted metaphors I’m going to be direct with you.

We are at a crucial time in our nation’s history. Social changes are occurring more and more rabidly, foaming at the bits are those that don’t understand that the flow of time forces changes within people. Technological increase has sparked dissent over the older and biased generations who already didn’t trust the government. I urge all of you to think long and hard about your decisions in life. Socially, you probably accept Muslims as human beings, homosexuals as people, and Mexicans as not just a backwards labor force. I bet the church down the street doesn’t, in fact I bet your teachers don’t. In all probability your parents don’t think of anyone but the obvious, their own. After all, it’s dangerous business walking out your front door.

It overwhelms my breaking heart to find out that in the 21st century we are becoming a more violent, vicious, rabid nation hellbent on the persecution of those that have already stepped forth into the new American century. Teabaggers are your enemy, they do not care about you. Republicans care only about what their “true’ religion allows-oh, and their pocketbooks. Democrats only care about what each individual wants-not what the whole necessarily needs. We must accept that the it’s the flaws of the individual that links the mold of humanity into a perfect species, and moreover, into a perfect nation we are divided.

For the land of the meek, and the home of the bane.


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