The future ain’t what it used to be.

Maybe you’ve noticed a certain deterioration of our people. Day by day, cameras infiltrate your homes, you keep smiling. Sunrise rolls over the hill and when you wake up to the microphones hidden in your coffee, you hardly notice. You send Grandma a picture of your daughter in a sundress and the C.I.A. breaks apart the file to make sure you didn’t hide anthrax in it. Patriots spill your tea and you have a Coke.

We are the buffoons of an influx of corporate greed, and we’re still smiling. Even though you don’t care, I do. I care about every single one of you and whether or not it matters to you, I see it as both degrading and sad. Our state has left us poor, hungry, and wide open to inceptions that you don’t fully understand. A generation of flag-wavers are pouring into the streets carrying the disease of dissent and hatred all the while you go to Wal-Mart and buy that new Miley Cyrus album.

We’ve been had by the cobs of comfort and unoriginality my friends-and I don’t like how bitter it’s taste is.

Congress is passing laws that prohibit the use of certain words in emails, and should you violate the simple terms of use as such by writing sentences that include “don’t tell,” and “security.” You are subject to interpretation. Your government has taken you to places you never thought possible-they’ve taken you back to 1984.

The Cold War is back, Kennedy’s been shot, Obama isn’t sure what to do anymore. Could we be living in the 1960s instead? Should we stay put and let the ride take us wherever the treads of Teabaggers let us? Shouldn’t we say something-anything? McCarthyism is back in a brand new way.

The future just ain’t what it used to be.


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