God hates fangs, but apparently everyone else loves them. As of 2008, vampires have seized control over the media in America. Between the Twilight series, True Blood (Southern Vampire Mysteries), and every other television show coming out you can’t help but notice that Blade has definitely not been too keen on keeping his job up.

So why the sudden influx of vampire media? It’s not an easy question to answer, could it be because America has developed a love affair with the occult? Doubtful. Maybe we’ve just started loving pale-kids? We already did (Gingers excluded, dirty heathens). The answer is probably because whatever MTV can capitalize on and whatever makes women wet we pump out until everyone hates it.


I love True Blood, and I appall Twilight as much as the next bloke but I have to admit-I’m sorta happy that they’re everywhere these days. Makes them their own category, sorta like Westerns save not as manly and more historically accurate.

However, about Twilight: Vampires were once feared, revered, and respected…now they’re just..well..awful. (Exception: True Blood vamps)

Twilight's break-out character, Harry Derpendoor

I’d like to see more from the vampire community, maybe some children’s books perhaps, or a food network special about vampiric foods. (Think about it, Rachel Raye’s Blood Bath Emporium sounds pretty darned nifty if you ask me).

Then again, I’m a fang-banger so of course my opinion is a lil’ biased.


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