Your place in the Mountains

Mountain View Arkansas, my home in the mountains. I sorta felt like I needed to write about my town a little bit so here I am. A population of roughly 3,000 people it’s set in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Rich with traditions of spitting in cans, playing banjos on front porches and making you squeal like a piggy. It’s the only place I can think of that’s like nowhere else.

Most places want more modernization, industrialization, and money but while “MV” wants these things it does so with a catch-it wants to seem like it doesn’t. The people are halfway content with it being 20 years behind in the space-race and that’s okay, it doesn’t need to be 2010 here. If it did catch up completely it would probably burn itself out. The majority of culture is based on local agri, and natural locale, with it’s two major festivals, a motorcycle get-together and Spring-Winter music it’s almost charming. But what it really wants, in my opinion, is just to be recognized like everyone else. It doesn’t have a lake, it doesn’t have a major highway, hell, it’s just now getting a McDonald’s.

I come from the only place in the Ozarks that wants to be as well-kept as any city and yet it wants to seem like it hasn’t changed since the 70s-better yet, make that 40s. Downtown you can see and hear live musicians play the local terrible twelve favorites on fiddle, watch people clog, ironsmiths craft goods that you can put in your living room for kicks, and immerse yourself in what life was like during prohibition(it’s in a dry county, i.e. no booze ‘cept good ole moonshine).

Not a bad place, but not a great place to excel. It’s content with what it is, it just needs a little polishing, a few beers, a sidewalk that’s decent to walk on, and an election committee that keeps it’s hands out of the cookiejar. I’d recommend it to people who want a cheap place to take their grampa on a random Saturday, or even to people who just want to “get away for a lil’ while.” But for the modern youngster, as Bill Compton put it, “the waters of Arkansas are…hard.”


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